Saturday, 4 March 2017

Politricks and Conspiracy: you need a thick skin and no soul to enter politics

West Australians go to the polls on March 11. I'm stilled shocked that Pauline Hanson, the leader of One Nation has done a deal with the Liberal party when they were responsible for having her jailed  in a plot worthy of Francis Underwood, of House of Cards at his most Machiavellian.  Sentenced to nine years for electral fraud, she was released after three months, her conviction quashed along with her political career, or so everyone thought ....fourteen years on Ms Hanson is back and about to get into bed with the West Australian Liberal Party!

With so much bad feeling on both sides I'm amazed either would consider working together. If I was in Ms Hanson's shoes I could not forgive and forget. I guess that's why she's a politician and I only write novels about politicians with agendas that are for the party's benefit and not the benefit of the people.

 I wrote SALVATION JANE in protest to this shameful incident in Australian politics.  APP (Jane Patterson's Anti-Poverty Party) delivers hope to the marginalised poor condemned to the horrors of homelessness by an uncaring society. The brainchild of a refuge owner turned politician the new political party gains the support of the people and Jane ends up holding the balance of power. When the new member of parliament compels the minority government to support her radical reforms faceless men plot to destroy her. Given the political shocks of 2017 Salvation Jane is a must read for political junkies. getBook./at/annmasseyaustralianauthor


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