When I’m not busy devising plot twists and turns involving germ warfare, the International Space station or environmental risks you’ll find me teaching English at the local high school where I work as a relief teacher. 

It was a big decision to give up economic security for the financially uncertain life of  novelist-cum-casual teacher, but I’ve always been somewhat of a risk taker. This is reflected to a degree in the settings of my novels which draw on my diverse career: I’ve been a country publican, newspaper marketing manager and governess. In fact I was tutoring three girls on a sheep and cattle station in the Australian outback, close to the Carnarvon Tracking Station, built in 1963 by NASA for the Gemini program when I conceived the idea for my first novel, “The Biocide Conspiracy”. 

After downloading so much information about bio-terrorism, I wouldn't have been surprised if ASIO burst into my study confiscated the computer and hauled me off to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.  Since then I’ve had several genre changes: I wrote my second novel after accompanying my partner on a five-year posting to Borneo. Shocked by the permanent damage to the rainforest by excessive logging I wrote “The White Amah”
Unrestrained & unchecked deforestation in Borneo
 The third, “Salvation Jane” is about the rights of non-people: the homeless. Sounds heavy doesn't it? Well don't be put off--the emergence of the working poor is a major issue. I just hope I've done it justice.
Notwithstanding my propensity to lie on the couch  reading I did find the energy to finish "The Little Dog Laughed", a time travel spoof about stale relationships, and second chances it's very funny if I say so myself! With a little more effort on my part it will be on sale at the end of January.

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