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Ann Massey writes fiction that draws on different literary traditions. Ann calls her books square-pegs because they don't slot neatly into an established genre. She is the author of three genre-bender books. Her fourth book, The Little Dog Laughed, a quirky historical fantasy will be published in January 2016. Ann holds a college degree in teaching and currently teaches English Literature. Previously she worked in the newspaper industry as a sub-editor and marketing manager. In 1986 she won the prestigious INMA  marketing award. After living in England and Borneo, she now resides in the seaside suburb of Quinns Rocks in Western Australia.                                                                                        

New Release
The Little Dog Laughed

 "Suspenseful, endearingly romantic and awash with    social comedy, The Little Dog Laughed is a riotous  tale of exuberant she-warriors, lustful legionnaires  and delightful small animals with personalities all  their own—close both to reality, and the secret world  our imagination."

Ennis Price, a bitter invalid, Sparky, a small dog with a big grudge and freakish psychic powers—these are the significant others in Regina Barbaria’s joyless world. But the elderly schoolmarm’s life changes when Ennis purchases a mobility scooter, a modern-day Tardis, a time-machine with the capability to restore youth for as long as the traveller remains in the past.

One morning Reggie borrows the scooter while her partner is sleeping. Sparky has never forgiven her for having him “fixed”and maroons her in 61AD, on the eve of a battle between the armies of rebel queen, Boadicea and Roman general, Suetonius Paulinus. Fearing capture and the horrors of a military brothel, Reggie—now a captivating young woman—disguises herself as a boy. Her ruse rebounds when she falls into the hands of an outlaw and is sold to General Paulinus—the most ruthless general in the whole of the Roman Empire. As Reggie fights her feelings for the notorious warmonger, Ennis,the prime suspect in her disappearance, goes after her, with his reluctant little dog.
Other Titles

Rock and roll royalty, Crystal Brooke has everything she always wanted ~ MONEY, FAME, POWER. At thirty-five she is the public face of an international children's fund. As she watches a commercial announcing the nation's favourite entertainer is adopting twin boys from Somalia, she feels uneasy. At eighteen, she sold her baby to a shady adoption agency. Back then, she figured a child would ruin her chance of making it big. Right now if she's exposed, she can kiss her million dollar sponsorship deal goodbye.

On the other side of the world the Lings, owners of the largest and most rapacious logging company in Malaysia are on their way to London. Their maid, an abused orphan, has no idea she has a date with destiny. gotta love Karma.

The Australian bush is in lock-down as a secret commando unit searches for the wreckage of the International Space Station before a terrorist organization gets their hands on a weapon of mass destruction. 

But  Mo, a novice jackeroo  and Beth, the station owner's daughter have already found the flask that contains Agent H. Who can they trust when they can't tell the good guys from the villains?

Life isn't going well for Jane Patterson; her boyfriend exited and as a parting gesture emptied her bank account. An unexpected bequest from her late uncle is an opportunity for a fresh start. Convinced the legacy is the answer to her prayers, Jane heads off to Perth in Western Australia. Her expectations of owning a five star hotel are shattered by the dilapidated dump she walks into.

Figuring it's going to take a few dollars to turn the homeless shelter into an up-market back-packer's hostel, she turns to her local politician. She is surprised and delighted when he agrees to fast-track a tourism grant. But then he hasn't told her of his plans to ban vagrants from the streets and criminalize homelessness. When Jane discovers her conscience, she finds herself playing the politician at his own game.

Interview Questions

Ann's books all explore current social issues. Apart from her books and her writing life, she may be interviewed on the following topics which are explored in her novels:

  • poverty and homelessness 
  • Ethics: germ warfare
  • carer stress and burnout
  • life choices for poor women in urban Asia
  • teenagers and self esteem
  • Addictions: losing a child to drugs
  • Australia no longer a classless society
  • Boadicea: heroine or harridan
  • War and war criminals:General Suetonius Paulinus

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