Hello there! I'm Ann Massey - an Australian author. I like to write thrilling, action adventure stories about what I call "square pegs" - people out of step with society who aren't afraid to challenge the establishment. I tend to focus on strong and memorable characters that you want to root for. They aren't perfect and sometimes they're funny or mess things up.You'll notice in my books that I often put my characters in "white knuckle" situations. I like the idea of readers wanting to stay up just a little bit later to read just one more chapter because they just have to know what happens next. Some of my books are written for teens and some for adults.Young love features in my books because there is nothing like the rush of falling truly, deeply and madly in love.
My new release Yelp! - a young adult time-travel set in Roman-occupied Britain -  hilariously crazy and wilfully nuts -  is an exhilarating discovery lesson that young adult readers won't easily forget. Life isn't always easy for young people now and it wasn't for the young rebels fighting to free Britain from their Roman overlords.

​For those who wonder what life was like for teens, the illustrated book contains a section about "Kids in Conquered Britain" at the end. I'd love to hear what you think about Yelp! or any of my other books.  A complete list of all my titles can be found on Books in the browser bar, please check them out.  
To read the beginning of Yelp! or to purchase click here.   ​ 

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