Thursday, 18 August 2016


When you lose someone you love. it gives rise to memories of others no longer in your life. Well it did in my case. Knocked for six, when my husband passed away three months ago, I joined a Facebook site for ex-pupils of Hayward Grammar, the school I attended in Bolton, UK.  I’ve enclosed a photo waving goodbye to my mother way back in 1956.

First day at a new school.

Actually this post is all about photos!  For an old photo on the school site of my English teacher, triggered a search. Everyone got in on the act, donned their Sherlock deerstalkers and tracked him down. Yesterday, my former classmates delivered a copy of my new book, Yelp! , and a letter to Mr Worthington.

Mr Worthington aged 90 and sharp as ever.
My redoubtable bloodhounds with
 Mr Worthington.
Holding Yelp! I do hope he approves!

The sentiments expressed in the letter are the same as those on the video sung by Lulu from the film “To Sir With Love”. I’d love to have been at the reunion. But I’ve got these photos to treasure.