Tuesday, 20 December 2016

From Sir with Love.

When you lose someone you love it gives rise to memories of others who are no longer in your life. Knocked for six, when my husband passed away I joined a Facebook site for ex-pupils of the school I attended in Bolton, UK. When I saw a photo on the site  of my former English  teacher, I got the notion to send him a copy of my latest book, but I left England for Australia in 1959 and had lost touch with my school friends.

Off to school -aged 11

A post  on the site triggered a search. Everyone got in on the act, donned their Sherlock deerstalkers and tracked him down. Several months ago  my former classmates also known as  the Golden Girls delivered a copy of my new book, Yelp! and a letter from me to Mr Worthington. The sentiments expressed in the letter are the same as those on the video sung by Lulu from the film “To Sir With Love”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTapoA5RQyo

 I would have loved to be there. But I was delighted with these photos sent to me by Hilary Clough who coordinated the search and presentation and recounted how pleased Mr Worthington was to receive both my letter and a copy of "Yelp".

That was back in October. Today I was intrigued to receive a letter from England. Intrigued because I left the UK  for Australia at Christmas fifty-seven years ago, and I couldn't imagine who could be writing to me.
The badge in the frame is off the beret I was wearing on
my first day at school.
Imagine my delight to receive a five page handwritten letter from Mr Worthington. In it he said that there'd been a number of tear jerking moments in his life and my letter was one of them. I shall treasure his warm words for ever.